Meet Pamela Johnson, Denver Colorado Makeup Artist

Pamela Ann Johnson is a media makeup artist in Colorado best known for her work in network series television, ad campaigns and internal content for financial services and wealth management.

She works consistently with professional athletes, influential leaders and innovators.

Due to her intimate knowledge and unrivaled experience she has forged strong relationships in the high-profile sector. She is consistently requested due to her professionalism, knowledge, personalized service and discretion.

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Serving Denver, Colorado Springs & Vail, or wherever I’m requested.

Pamela Johnson is much more than a makeup artist. She is a savvy veteran of the media, sports and entertainment industry.

— M. Malkin, TV personality, journalist and author


Working with Pamela is an absolute pleasure! Not only does she bring excellence with her abilities at hair and makeup, but she possesses a gift that is invaluable on any production set – a calm and gentle nature that puts others at ease. In those minutes in the make-up chair before an interview, Pamela is able to connect with the individual on a personal level with such kindness and comfort that any nervousness that they may have felt at the outset simply melts away.

— Mitch Wright, Waveland Pictures

For the entire 142 episodes of Homicide Hunter Pamela Johnson has been my professional Makeup Artist. She has demonstrated to me time and time again her mastery of high definition makeup. In the modern day, high definition cameras are capable of showing every flaw of an actor. In my show, the focus in all episodes has been a screen filling close up of my face.
Pamela is so skilled at her craft that both the network and fans praised my appearance on the show. As did I. In a matter of a few minutes, Pamela transformed my appearance for the cameras and the audience. In addition to her skills, she is an extremely pleasant person who gets along with cast and crew in the best possible manner. Both witty and bright, she is a joy to have on the set. Any production would be very well served indeed by employing Pamela Johnson. Her skills are matched by her winning personality. I strongly recommend her as the most Capable Makeup Artist.

— Lt. Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter